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  • TREAT 812
    ( 20812 )

    Treat 812 is a procedure table with an electrical height adjustment, based on Treat 811 to which a gynaecological section has been added.
    It has been found, however, that the table is also very suitable for gynaecological ultrasonic examinations.

  • TREAT 826A
    ( 20826A )

    The table is electrically height adjustable from 50 to 88 cm. Due to the 7000N fast running electrical actuator, used on all our tables, the lifting capacity on the table exceeds 200 kg. Moving frictional points are fitted with non-lubricating bearings. Exposed metal parts have either a white epoxy coating, chromium plating or are manufactured of stainless steel. Highest grade padding and upholstery provide both comfort a firmness.

  • TREAT 826C
    ( 20826C )