The history of Fysiotech LCC dates back to the beginning of 1990’s, when a team of professional and motivated people started to design and produce treatment and massage tables for rehabilitation institutions and also for home-users. We are representing the Scandinavian quality of professional treatment tables and physiotherapeutic equipment. Our products have been recognized by many specialists and doctors worldwide.

Fysiotech production experience dates back to the beginning of 1980’s, when the Finnish company Gehac OY, which now is a part of Fysiotech OY, started the production of professional medical tables. The engineering and design of our products is the result of the cooperation between Finnish chiropractors and Estonian engineers. At the end of 1990’s the current brand and product line was finalized. Since then it has been very popular among the customers in Finland, Sweden and Russia. Recently we entered the markets in Denmark, Norway and Netherlands. We are always looking for new partners to start professional cooperation.
Our company is continuously improving and adding new products to our equipment, so that the needs of every customer would be satisfied.


The production process starts form quality suppliers. Our partners in Germany, Finland and Estonia are all top specialists in their field. The assembly line is working step by step: each piece and part is carefully installed. Our tailors can provide all-size custom-made pillows and pieces for each table. The metallic parts are painted in accordance with RAL-painting standards and finished in details. In the end of production, each table and piece of equipment is framed and packed carefully. Through our packaging system and loyal transportation partners, we provide maximum safety for our products during transportation- our main goal is to see satisfied customers and positive feedback- this is what keeps us going!
Fysiotech LCC is producing 1200-1500 treatment tables and other medical equipment yearly. As the production line was recently updated and modern changes made, our capacities have increased and we can handle any order- large or small.
Our goal is to offer to customers handmade and real quality products, we are giving up to 10 year warranty on our tables and until now, not one customer has had to give negative feedback on the tables and equipment.


Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality of handmade products. We give a pleasant experience through quality and comfort.
Long experience, constant research and development keep our products at the top of consumers preferences. With intelligent engineering, we provide the most competitive prices in your area.
Whether you are a professional physiotherapist, treatment specialist or home-user, our tables provide the best performance for you and your customers. Don’t hesitate to contact our agents in your area and ask for additional information.

Yours faithfully,
Fysiotech Team

Fysiotech OÜ on saanud EAS-ilt 2018aasta Medica messil osalemiseks toetus 12400EUR.
Messi eesmärk ja projekti lühikirjeldus: Eestis toodetava meditsiini- ja füsioteraapiamööbli esindamine Medica 2018 messil Düsseldorfis. Messi eesmärk on leida uusi kliente erinevatest riikidest.